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About Us

BrailleTouch is one word with no space in between, and a captial B and captial T. Spelling it with no space will help your search results.

BrailleTouch is based on research conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Inspired by the overwhelming positive response from all over the world, we are releasing the BrailleTouch app to the public for the benefit of the blind community. BrailleTech is an LLC Partnership based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The people behind BrailleTouch and BrailleTech include Caleb Southern, Brian Frey, Gregory D. Abowd, and Mario Romero. More information on the academic research behind BrailleTouch can be found at the BrailleTouch research page.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Georgia Tech that made this research possible, including the College of Computing, the School of Interactive Computing, the GVU Center, and the Institute for People and Technology. We also gratefully acknowledge the support and partnership from the Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (Wireless RERC).

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